My Bucket Calf

My First Bucket Calf It was a cold day when we went out to the farm. It was calving season, so of course, we had to be scooping the pins in the barn. My dad shows up with a calf. When I saw her, I said, “I call dibs!” My siblings were not happy with me. Little did I know, I had to get up every morning at 5:30 to feed her. I was only on fourth grade, so that was absolutely awful. When my dad brought her, she had just been born about an hour before. She was still wet, so we had to dry her off and warm her up. My dad put her in an empty watering tank and I put a heater in the barn. He said, “You guys will have to stay out her longer than planned.” My mom came out to the farm after work and brought some colostrum with her. I fed that to her. As soon as I got up, I made her bottle with milk replacer and my dad drove me to the farm. Quiet music was playing as my dad and I made light conversation. I went to the barn to feed her. Once I was done feeding her the bottle, I would always handfeed …

My Dad

My Dad My dad is always supportive when it comes to anything. When I don’t do well in archery, he tells me to calm down and not stress it. He always has a positive attitude when something is thrown his way. My dad, not much taller than me, is 5’10. His head always has a baseball cap on, never taking it off when he works. His eyes are piercing blue. He has a cleanly shaved goatee. Sweat runs down his face and neck when he works. He wears an old t-shirt when he works. His hands are rough and callused like sandpaper. His jeans are old and ragged, worn down to the threads. His boots click on the ground or floor as he walks. His raspy voice booms out when he encourages people. My dad’s personality seems quiet and somewhat dull when you meet him until you see his true colors. When we are home, he messes around and jokes all the time. He NEVER stops. His jokes he cracks make anyone around him explode with laughter. His laugh is very contagious. He is very sarcastic when someone asks him a quest…

Descriptive Paragraph

Grandpa Mike